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Injection Moulder Barrel and Screw Extruder Screw Injection Moulder Tip Set Extruder Barrel Polishing a Screw Gearbox Repairs

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Company Profile

What is MMTS?

Mechanical and Machine Tool Services cc (MMTS) is your trusted provider of quality engineering services for supplying, repairing and refurbishing, barrels, screws, film blowing extruders, pipe extruders, blow moulders, injection moulders and plastics recycling machines throughout the plastics industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We manufacture and repair barrels, screws, granulators, shredders, nibblers, screen changers, spaghetti heads, tie bars, toggles, levers, and do general engineering. We also offer on-site consulting and assessment services for all types of extruders and extrusion processes. We have in-house and industry partner design capability for the design of screws, tips and barrels to suit your processing needs.

Our Capacity

MMTS has access to machine capacity consisting of:

  • lathes up to six metres between centres;
  • milling machines;
  • horizontal boring mills;
  • blade grinders;
  • honing machines;
  • cylindrical grinders up to six metres between centres;
  • surface grinders;
  • polishing machines
  • arc and MIG welding machines;
  • presses;
  • shapers.

Market Leaders

Increasing SalesWe have several competitors, but we hold a leading position in market for high-end repairs and refurbishment of plastic conversion machine components in South Africa. We are growing in Sub-Saharan Africa including Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.


MMTS was started by Philippe Descroizilles in November 1998, servicing users of plastics and rubber machinery in South Africa and north of the border. It was also active in the field of general engineering. The company originally operated from premises of about 600 square metres, but in December 2000 moved to premises in Germiston which have more than 1 700 square metres of floor space and four overhead cranes which are essential for handling larger repair and refurbishment projects.

In October 2008, the company was purchased by new owners Justin McPhail and Anthony Wilmot. Philippe retired in March 2009 after an intensive 6 month handover. The business suffered heavily during the recession from early in 2009 to late 2010, and it was decided that the Germiston engineering works would be closed and the business would be wound down after all work in progress had been completed and all creditors had been paid.

However, the MMTS customer base continued to call, and it was agreed that Justin McPhail would take over the customer based and brand, and form a new company, Mechanical and Machine Tool Services cc.

The new company has forged partnerships with several key engineering suppliers and is able to offer almost all services previously offered from the Activia Park engineering works. Please refer to our Products and Services pages for further information.

Our commitment to Change

Our commitment to a better South AfricaMMTS is proud to be participating in the development of South Africa and its people. We believe that the in our country, economic upliftment of the people will lead to a safer and more prosperous South Africa for all.

In Terms of Act 53 (2003), we are an Exempted Micro Enterprise and automatically qualify as 100% contributors towards Preferential Procurement.

Our certificate from our auditors is here.

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Updated on 19 Feb 2014

Managing Member : J McPhail

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